Project Description

Background information

To be used on

  • Men
  • Women

Visual style

Color preferences

Pink or White?? Open to colors but it is for Female Cancer Support. Or use all the colors in rainbow, that is fine too.

Style/theme ideas

Use your creativity. Loving and warm and family oriented. Not formal but more whismey. Not geometric or perfect. She is an artist by trade (florist) and appreicates creativity, so I hope your designs can fuel her heart!!! She is not a formal person but full of laughter and light.

Content details

T-shirt type

Standard short-sleeve T-Shirt


The logo must be Team Linda. That is the centerpiece of the whole shirt design. We are looking for a heart with the family members in the heart encompassing my Mom. STICK FIGURES with blonde hair or red hair or long hair or grey hair with some rounder body shaped than others is perfect and exactly what we want, we are not expecting perfection, but a quick and funny representation of each family member. That would make my Mom the happiest and her face would lite up with us all there in a heart for her.

1st pic: Brother in law-Tall Police man. Grey haired. Thickish build.
2nd pic: Sister and Mom-2nd pic (both blondes-sister curly blonde mid back length, thickish body type and Mom wavy blonde shoulder length and thickish build. She is the shortest person in the whole family)
3rd pic. 1 dog, 3 cats that are B&W(only 1 in pic though) and 4 cats that look like the grey one in different shades (only 1 cat shown though) and 1 all grey long haired cat that is my moms favorite of all cats and has green eyes, but no pic.
4th Pic. My Dad- Happy go lucky, looks like Santa Klaus. Crazy in love with his wife. His whole world centers around my Mom and the long haired grey cat.
5th pic. 2 Grandsons- A red head. muscular and future Marine. Daughter-blonde hair and long wavy-roundish body, Grandson-tall thin and blondish- a future welder.

Not pictures are 2 brown horses.

If anyone can get this down you might be a finalist.

What to avoid

Nothing dark and scary and formal. Light and carefree and loving is the theme. I would like the design to light her up and make her feel loved everytime she sees and wears it.

“Fantastic artist. Listened closely to what we were wanting and was quick to make any changes requested. Professional and highly talented artist!”