Project Description

Background information

Organization name

Mr. Juan Anderson



Description of the organization and its target audience

My target audience is people who need motivation on accomplishing a task. If its Fitness, Educational, Travel, etc. I provide inspiration and help them achieve those goals.

Content details


I need an illustration / character designed that is a turtle.

It should not be 3D or overly detailed. It needs to work well printed on shirts, hats, and used on the web.

We don’t want tribal / polynesian designs. I love both abstract and caricatures but not sure which way I’m leaning yet. It shouldn’t be too silly or cartoony though.

You can think of the words:

– Discipline
– Self Control
– One Step at a time

You can check these logos / illustrations for examples:






But really most stuff on this page:…imal-logos…o-designs/

I prefer simple designs. Should be unique and identifiable. If the design is too realistic it may just look like a picture of a turtle which doesn’t work as a mascot. People need to see it and know it is referencing me.

If possible provide at least two color variations on it so I can see what it’d look like. Black and white isn’t the only color I’d like to use. The ben brown is a great example of a simple logo but I also really like cartoon logos as well like:…d-to-life/…smorrs.jpg